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About Us

Why should I choose Web Fusion for my intenet hosting ?

Have you ever been just "Brushed-off" by the 'Big Guys'?
Ever feel like 'They' don't care if they have your business or not?

We at Web Fusion DO care. If you have any comments, whether good or bad, we WANT to hear! We aim for constant improvement, and your comments are welcomed.

We aim to have your email queries responded to within 24 hours - most of the time we respond within just a few. Our dedicated technical staff have years of study, training and experience in the IT arena and will provide you with the very best service and support.

Why are our prices so low ?


We have low overheads therefore we don't need to charge the earth for our services. By maximising our utilisation of www technologies like email and minimising costly phone support, it enables us to keep our costs down and
pass the savings on to you.

Our Servers are situated locally and we do not employ the services of any third parties, this enables personalised, faster and more cost effective operation.

We encourage our customers to pay in advance by offering great savings if you pay 6 -> 12 months ahead.

We will also provide you with further discounts if you refer other business to us.

Why should I choose to have my web site hosted in Australia ?


Web Fusion is a 100% owned and operated Australian business based in Brisbane QLD. Support local Australian business and keep the money in Australia, help to build a stronger economy and in turn help to make jobs for the coming generations.

If you are an Australia Business, there is a good possibility that the majority of your customer base will also be Australian. This means that your customers will expect that your website will be up and running during the Australian standard business hours. If you host your web site with an overseas company time differences mean that technical assistance may not be available in your business hours and server downtime due to schedualed maintenance may impact your web site in the busiest time of the day.

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